Clients often have specific demands for experience and confidentiality in a complex business environment and need an independent organisation that understands these demands and complexities. Our office is able to deliver solutions to these sorts of challenges. As we deal with High Net Worth Clients and wealth needs to be preserved for following generations, our approach will always be focused on the long term and be prudent in nature.

We make personal contact a major part of our philosophy and over the years our clients have appreciated our bespoke and independent approach with a respect for tradition but responsive to a changing world.

We are fortunate and proud to be able to offer our services from such a unique, modern and dynamic State as the Principality of Monaco.
The Principality is an independent State that was founded more than seven centuries ago and by hard work has became, amongst other things, a financial centre of excellence with strict regulation and anti money-laundering legislation in place.


The Board of Directors