International tax advice and assistance in the management of foreign structures.

Cofimo was established in July 1999 as a Societe Anonyme Monegasque and offers from the stability of the Principality of Monaco state of the art financial services.

There are approximately 37,000 residents in the Principality of Monaco. The attractiveness is not only given by the Mediterranean climate and the strong concentration of professionals.

Monaco is well located with good international connections, unrivaled security, excellent schools, no personal taxes and a high quality lifestyle.

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We have the fortune and the honor of being able to offer our services in a dynamic, modern and exceptional country like the Principality of Monaco. The Principality is a sovereign state founded more than seven hundred years ago and, thanks to constant commitment, it has become, among other things, a prestigious financial center that has given itself precise rules and strict legislation on the fight against money laundering. black money.

In an increasingly complex business world, clients have specific requirements in terms of experience and confidentiality and are looking for an independent partner who understands their needs and challenges. Our office offers tailored solutions, we deal with clients who have significant assets that they wish to preserve for future generations and we have therefore opted for a long-term and prudently oriented approach.

Our philosophy is based on personal contact and, over the years, our clients have come to appreciate our personal and independent approach, respecting tradition while adapting to the ever-changing world.

We are pleased and proud to be able to offer our services in such a unique, modern and dynamic place as the Principality of Monaco. The Principality is an independent state founded more than seven hundred years ago, whose efforts have enabled it to become, among other things, a financial centre of excellence with strict regulations and severe legislation on money laundering.


Family office

Monaco is an ideal place for wealth families who desire to live in a stable and secure country, well located in the center of Europe with an adequate taxation. Cofimo offers to these families a tailor-made service based on a wealth and tax planning, trustee services, assets and real estate management, family governance until secretarial service.

Formation of companies and other entities

Directly or through selected correspondents located in various jurisdictions, Cofimo can assist its clients in the incorporation of companies, trusts, foundations and other entities in most of the well-known countries.

Co-ordination of management

Cofimo is directly providing the management of Monegasque companies (Société Civile Immobiliere) and is assuring the co-ordination of the foreign companies and other entities between the beneficial owners and the directors provided by the local correspondents.

Legal, tax and inheritance services

Cofimo’s partners and staff have wide experience in cross border issues and assets protection. On top through a large network of well-established advisors, Cofimo has the skills to provide a tailor-made service.

Assistance in banking matters

Cofimo is working with most of the major banks established in the Principality. Our independence grants to the clients the flexibility in choosing the best financial institutions upon the specific needs.

Assistance with the acquisition of real estate

The local real estate market is one of the keys of success of the Monegasque growth. Thanks to the exceptional quality of life in the earth of Europe, to the multicultural community, to the friendly taxation policy, Monaco is an ideal place for investments in real estate properties. Cofimo is co-operating with the most important real estate agents in Monaco and has the expertise for the assistance in finding the best solutions for the holdings and the assets protection. On top, Cofimo can assist its clients in finding the most profitable offers from the banking system.

Assistance with the setting up of local business in Monaco in co-operation with local advisors

Cofimo is cooperating with the best local accounting firms for the setting up of business activities in Monaco. We can assist our client in finding the best strategic solution in respect of the type of company, the rental of the office and in the choice of the local tax, legal and accounting firm.

Enrico Feraboli

Enrico Feraboli – Chairman

Enrico is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor who began his career with the Semeria & Associati consultancy firm in Sanremo, Italy, before moving to the Principality of Monaco to work as Trust & Corporate manager for the Compagnie Monegasque de Banque. He has been an independent entrepreneur since 2004, specialised in legal and tax advisory services. As a STEP member since 2008, he speaks Italian, English and French.

Laura Bonventre

Laura Bonventre – Managing Director

Laura is a Lawyer who started out at the Piergrossi Bianchini Eversheds office in Rome, Italy, specialising in international and community law. She moved to the Principality of Monaco in 2006 to work as an administrator with the Company Services Provider Cofimo SAM. Over the years, she has specialised in client care for legal consultancy, inheritance and residence transfers. She speaks Italian, English and French.



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